We pride ourselves in providing in information and education to our patients.
We do this with periodic workshops at our facility, and a knowledgeable staff that cares for your needs.

CAPS is looking to set up a support group for clients who are living with chronic pain.  If interested please notify a CAPS representative in order for CAPS to put together a group, free of charge of patients that would be interested in sharing their experience with others in order to ease the burden of living with chronic pain.

CAPS is currently working to put together seminars which deal with addiction and noticing the signs of addiction.  CAPS will have referrals to mental health clinics which work with issues of addiction.  CAPS will also explain in seminars how proper use of medical marijuana can be useful to ease pain in inflammatory conditions and other illnesses.  A professional speaker will facilitate the seminar.  Please let a CAPS representative know of interest in attending the seminar.