How Does the THC Benefit its’ patients

Cannabinoid Profile: THCv Take a closer look at the little-known cannabinoid known as THCV and how it benefits patients, as well as its synthesis in the Cannabis plant!

How SC Labs Tests Marijuana

Take a closer look at the standardized cannabis testing done at SC Laboratories that help bring the community. Cannabinoid Profile: THC Get an intensive crash course on the benefits of THC as well as how it is synthesized in the Cannabis plant, and tested for using standardized methods by SC Labs. Cannabinoid Profile: THCa […]

Know Your Medicine

The production, processing, and oversight of medical Cannabis currently straddles a line between pharmaceutical and food product. Although Cannabis is used to treat a myriad of medical conditions, it is produced in a manner closer to growing strawberries than to producing medication. What makes Cannabis Medicine? The Cannabis plant has dozens of active ingredients called […]

Cannabis’ different active ingrediants

Cannabinoids The Cannabis plant has dozens of active ingredients called cannabinoids which are found in a wide range of concentrations within the flower, leaf, and stem.  Researchers have identified over 70 unique cannabinoids within the Cannabis plant. Most Common Cannabinoids Found in Cannabis: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) The most abundant and widely known cannabinoid in marijuana, THC […]